My first season at Artists Rep - Here's 13/14

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I meant to post this 3 months ago!  8 shows in our two spaces.  Here they are:


The Big Meal 
Sep 3 - Oct 6 
Written by Dan LeFranc 
Directed by Dámaso Rodriguez
West Coast Premiere
Set in a quintessential American restaurant, entire lives whiz by for a modern family whose stage and age are short-order fare. From birth to that inevitable last course – and every corndog, calamari and Cadillac margarita in-between – a multi-generational potluck of characters live life’s major and minor moments around the dinner table. Expect humor and heartache as eight actors portraying 26 characters and five generations serve up a veritable theatrical feast. • Off-Broadway Hit • New York Times Outstanding Playwright Award Winner
Alder Stage

Mistakes Were Made 
Sep 17 - Oct 20 
Written by Craig Wright 
Directed by Michael Mendelson
Northwest Premiere
Felix is a NYC theatre producer about to blow a gasket. Jabbing at the hold button as he negotiates with a playwright, a movie star, a deep-pockets funder and an agent, all while mediating a Middle East crisis (involving sheep and militant rebels), this non-stop, fast-talking chameleon is bound for no good. With his overweight pet fish, Denise, as his only confidant and the weight of the world on his shoulders, the stage is set for a high-speed comedic train wreck of a tale. Todd Van Voris will star in this tour-de-force role. • Off-Broadway Hit • Multiple Award-winning playwright & TV screenwriter
Morrison Stage 

Oct 29 - Dec 1 
Written by Dawn King
Directed by Dámaso Rodriguez 
U.S. Premiere 
At the heart of this gripping, futuristic parable beats an incendiary plot that pulses with menace and suspicion. In rural England, a blight of bad luck has befallen the countryside and a fox infestation may be to blame. The totalitarian government sends an agent, a “Foxfinder,” into the home of Judith and Samuel Covey and the invasive inspection whirls simple lives into a frenzy of finger-pointing and distrust. As the bizarre scrutiny intensifies, guilt, fear and distorted realities fuel a feverish hunt to explain the unknown. • Susan Smith Blackburn Prize 2012/13 Finalist • Critically acclaimed London hit
Alder Stage

Double-bill: 2 comedies • 1 show
Nov 26 - Dec 29 
PLAY 1: The Reason for the Season 
Written by Matt Pelfrey
World Premiere
PLAY 2: The Night Before Christmas Written by Anthony Neilson 
Northwest Premiere 
Spend an outrageous Christmas Eve with a churlish Santa, a kidnapped elf and a handful of hapless souls in need of some holiday spirit. Amid the shrapnel of yuletide yearning, broken dreams and poignant revelations, can the magic of the season spark hope in their hearts? With these two riotous, irreverent short plays that even Ebenezer Scrooge could appreciate, be prepared for a pair of good old-fashioned, foul-mouthed, feel-good holiday anti-classics … and just a wee dusting of that cherished Christmas feeling. • Two award-winning playwrights • A holiday debauchery double-bill for mature audiences
Morrison Stage

The Monster-Builder 
Jan 28 - Mar 2 
Written by Amy Freed 
Directed by Art Manke
World Premiere 
A maniacal scheme of fantastical proportions lurks deep inside world-renowned mega-architect Gregor Zubrowski’s post-modern steel and glass structures. His commanding presence and curious creative process both titillate and manipulate design professionals and patrons alike into submission. After he casually steals a career-making project, two fledgling architects dare to challenge this monster-builder at his own game. Expect the unexpected from this absurdly funny, wickedly smart new comedy. 
• Pulitzer Finalist nationally renowned playwright • A hit at the Pacific Playwrights Festival
Alder Stage

The Motherf**ker With the Hat
Feb25 - Mar 30 
Written by Stephen Adly Guirgis 
Directed by Kevin Jones
Northwest Premiere 
Recovering addict Jackie, fresh out of jail, is determined to get straight and settle down in NYC with the support of his girl Veronica, his AA sponsor Ralph D, and his loyal cousin Julio until … he finds a hat that isn’t his own left conspicuously behind in his bedroom. His quest to track down the motherf**ker with the hat threatens to put him right back where he started. Take a breakneck ride with this poetically profane, kick in the karmic cojones that becomes a raw, touching and thoroughly hilarious dive into the quest for transformation. • Tony-nominated Broadway and regional theatre sensation
Morrison Stage

The Invisible Hand 
Apr 8 - May 11 
Written by Ayad Akhtar
West Coast Premiere 
This riveting, shockingly relevant, modern-day play proposes that the ability to anonymously manipulate market outcomes for money, ideology and power could be the ultimate mechanism for total control. When an American futures trader is kidnapped in Karachi, his desire for self-preservation is tapped by his bright Pakistani guard who demands he be tutored in market trading skills. Tense scenarios unfold as the trader works to earn his release while potentially handing the tools for financial chaos and political vindication to his captor. • Special guest actors from Pakistan.
Alder Stage

The Playboy of the Western World 
May 20 - June 22 
Written by J.M. Synge
Directed by Dámaso Rodriguez
Rare Revival 
Truth, fiction or wishful thinkin’… you decide. On the run and reinventing himself along the way, a young stranger arrives in a remote Irish village with a dark secret begging to be told. Gossip and outrageous speculation stir up passions when this fine teller of tall tales turns winner of women and sport, and bumbles his way into romance and celebrity. In a rare revival of the explosively funny Irish classic that caused riots after its 1907 Dublin debut, this farcical, lilting masterpiece takes the stage by storm and unleashes a peculiar poetic justice. • “One of the most significant plays of the 20th Century.” - National Theater Platform
Morrison Stage

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