2015/16 Season at Artists Rep

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The Understudy 
by Theresa Rebeck
Sept 8 – Oct 4
Alder Stage
An understudy rehearsal for a fictional Kafka play on Broadway teeters on the edge of reality when Harry – the understudy for Jake, who is the understudy for Bruce, a Hollywood action star about to land a multimillion-dollar part – must work with the ill-fated production’s exasperated stage manager whose life he ruined long ago. The Understudy is a raucously funny existential exposé on human motivation that examines the underbelly of the theatre business and the personal drama behind the curtain.
• Off-Broadway and regional theatre hit comedy from the writer of TV’s Smash
• Portland Premiere

Cuba Libre 
Book & additional lyrics by Carlos Lacámara
Music by Tiempo Libre
Directed by Dámaso Rodriguez
Music Direction by Jorge Gómez
Choreography by Maija Garcia

October 3 – Nov 8
Winningstad Theatre 
The irresistible rhythms of Cuban music drive this riveting, universal story of a man caught between countries, losses and loves, and his search for freedom. Set in America and Cuba, this timely tale reverberates across politics, ambition and romance with quick-witted dialogue, joy-filled dance and Latin-fusion beats. This Broadway-scale, contemporary musical features the internationally acclaimed, three-time Grammy nominated band Tiempo Libre with a company of 21 actors, dancers and musicians in a not-to-be-missed theatrical event. 
• Portland’s Broadway-scale World Premiere
Sponsored by The Standard

Check out the two-part feature on the making of Cuba Libre done by Oregon Public Broadcasting!  
Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here. And there will be more to come!

by John Biguenet
Oct 27 – Nov 22
Morrison Stage 
A fairytale-twisted yarn of delightful humor and spine-tingling suspense conjures a spooky seasonal experience unlike any other. With Vana O’Brien in a tour-de-force solo performance, an Appalachian witch tells a heartfelt and poetic tale of her long life from first love, to heartache, to the hair-raising vengeance she wreaks upon those who’ve crossed her. 
• Critically acclaimed spellbinding sensation 
• NW Premiere 

The Miracle Worker 
by William Gibson
Dec 8 – Jan 3
Alder Stage 
One of the most triumphant stories of the human spirit ever told, the soul-stirring The Miracle Worker evokes hope and inspiration for the entire family. With dignity, perseverance and respect in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges, a child, a teacher and a family learn to communicate. A play based on the lives of Helen Keller, who became Deaf-Blind as an infant, and her teacher, Anne Sullivan, who enabled her to become one of the most influential women of the 20th Century. 
• 1960 Tony Winner for Best Play 
• 1962 Academy Award-winning classic film
• Uplifting Family Classic

Mothers & Sons 
by Terrence McNally
Feb 9 – Mar 6
Alder Stage 
In this sensitive and wryly humorous 2014 Tony Award-nominated play, a mother, after a 20-year silence, pays a surprise visit to her deceased son’s former lover seeking a connection she can’t fathom. At his Central Park apartment, with his husband and young son by his side, he shows her that healing and hope are possible, even after devastating loss. In this play, vastly different worlds collide, yet truth and compassion rise to reveal that all dreams begin with the common ground of forgiveness. 
• 4-time Tony Award-winning playwright 
• NW Premiere  

We Are Proud to Present a Presentation About the Herero of Namibia, Formerly Known as South West Africa, From the German Sudwestafrika, Between the Years 1884-1915 
by Jackie Sibblies Drury
Mar 8 – Apr 3
Morrison Stage 
A multiracial cast of six idealistic actors sets out to improvise a story about the first colonial genocide of the 20th Century in Africa, but get lost in the reality of their undertaking. The unusual presentation, humor and inevitable discomfort of this provocative new play gripped theatre hubs like New York, Chicago, London, Washington D.C. and Seattle with its unique theatrical investigation of prejudice, power and perspective. “90 minutes of original, enlightening, pulse-pounding theater… It’s absolutely thrilling … it is visceral, fiercely intelligent and entertaining.“ – Backstage
• Off-Broadway and regional theatre hit 
• Portland Premiere

Grand Concourse 
by Heidi Schreck
May 3 – 29
Morrison Stage 
In an industrial soup kitchen in the Bronx, Shelley is a nun struggling to pray and questioning her life’s work. Her world in service to the needy, alongside a Dominican immigrant security guard and joke-writing “regular,” is rocked when a rainbow-haired college drop-out comes to volunteer. The girl’s enthusiasm and erratic behavior will change the course of their lives. With touching humor this motley group unravels the intricacies of need, the vagaries of compassion and limits of forgiveness. 
• Recently seen Off-Broadway comedic drama
• Susan Smith Blackburn Prize 2014/15 Finalist
• West Coast Premiere

The Skin of Our Teeth 
by Thornton Wilder
May 17 – Jun 12
Alder Stage 
This comedic masterpiece spans the entirety of history, with one ordinary American family who lives through it all. Dad’s just invented the wheel, Cain is throwing rocks at the neighbor kid, mammoths and dinosaurs lounge in the family room and mom frets about how to get all those animals on the boat two by two. Through Ice Ages, biblical floods and political conventions, the Antrobus family of Excelsior, New Jersey perseveres. With an immense cast and time-set across the ages, this theatrical allegory captures the human spirit – of brilliance, idiocy and ultimately sweet survival. 
• Rare and epic revival of the 1943 Pulitzer Prize winner

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